The key to maximun our pleasure is to choose a proper size of chastity device.  As there are many people who spend long time experiencing lock-up in their cock cage. The perfect chastity cage will not only prevent physical injuries but also guarantee comfort. To make sure you get the best size, pls check this following short guide.

Part of a cock cage

Cock cage is made up of Ring and Tube.

The ring is the part located at the root of the penis and around the scrotum.

The Tube is a cage which covers the penis.

When you use the cage, you need to connect the ring and tube together. Pls do not worry, it is easy to put it on.

Cage Measurement

To have great experience, you need to make sure your cage completely fits. If it is too tight,

You will feel intense pain when you have a mild erection. If it is too loose, your penis will move freely which will affect your pleasure. So you need to measure carefully to get a perfect cage.

How to Measure For Tube

It is very simple to measure for the tube, you just need to measure the length of your penis with a tap measurer. Hold your flaccid dick parallel to the ground and measure the length from base to tip of penis. Then you will get the length of your penis.

Should you pick the cage with the tube that closely match the length you measure? Absolutely NO! You’d better to choose the one which deducts between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch. The perfect cage tube will fit your penis tightly but it won’t affect you piss. Your urethral suture should be close to the opening at the end of the tube.

How to Measure For Ring

To get the right size of the ring, you need to get a cloth tapeline to measure circumference which means the full distance around your penis and scrotum. You could try 2-3 times to get the most accurate one. After you got it, you need to caculate the diameter of your cock, that is to divide by 3.14.

Cock Ring Diameter= Circumference/3.14

Ring Type: Solid and Hinged

There are two type of rings, solid and hinged.

Solid Ring is a closed ring which can not be screw off.

Hinged Ring is a open type ring and it can be simply pull open and squeeze closed.

When you finished the measurement of the tube and the ring, you could come and pick your cock cage. Chastityx Store provide the best chastity cages with different material and various size. We provice Fast & Secrt shipping worldwide!

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